Anti-Cellulite Body and Facial Cup™

Anti-Cellulite Body and Facial Cup™

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#1 Solution to Rejuvenated Skin

Anti-Cellulite Body and Facial Cup™ is a revolution in ancient health practices. By squeezing the silicon cup, you expel some of the air inside. Upon loosening your grip on the cup, a powerful vacuum is created as the cup tries to draw the missing air back in. When placed against the skin, the suction draws the flesh upwards, resulting in a negative pressure massage. Cups can be moved across wet skin, or simply left on the skin surface.

Use the silicone cups 15 minutes per target area, 1-2 times a day, 10 days per area. After 10 days, give the area a rest of at least 1-2 days. This practice allows the flow of toxins to cycle faster out of your skin and have you looking rejuvenated. A must have for every beauty fan and makes a great gift!


  • 100% brand new and high quality.

  • There is no infection and pain.

  • It is convenient for operator and easy to accept.

  • Non-toxic, harmless, durable.

  • Colors: Mixed (Blue & Pink)