Clear Cutting Board Bin™

Clear Cutting Board Bin™

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#1 Solution to a Clean Cutting Board!

Chopping veggies and cutting meat is an essential part of any cooking. Whether it is chopping salad, peeling onions, peeling and deveining shrimps, or trying to cut those juicy tomatoes, we could all use a little help in organizing and planning the cutting process. 

We often have many different veggies (often more than 2-3 varieties) to chop, some with juices oozing out when chopped (think tomatoes!). We are often juggling between where to keep the chopped veggies, how to contain the juices, and especially how to transfer the chopped veggies from the cutting board to the stove or into plates and bowls. That is why we decided to get this one product that will make everyone's lives better!

This well-thought-out design of the Collector Cutting Board Bin has two main characteristics in mind - Minimalism and Ease. It is very intuitive to use and shaped appropriately to help you prep food prior to cooking. No more needing to fuss with your cutting board to collect, scoop, rinse, measure or pour your chopped food. This 5-in-1 Board Bin is a must have in every kitchen. Makes a great gift too!

Color: White or Green