Cute Honey Dispenser

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#1 Solution for Dispensing Honey and Syrup

Stop those messy honey or syrup leaks while making your honey/syrup easily available. This no-drip honey dispenser makes it easy again. No waiting and shaking the container to get the honey to flow ever again. Made with authentic acrylic material and a beautiful new honeycomb design. This material is light yet strong and durable. Fill the dispenser with honey or other liquid. Twist on the cap then push the center piece. Honey will start to flow out the bottom. Let go of the center piece and honey stops. This gravity fed system is the ultimate way to have honey that is always ready to pour.
A must have in every kitchen and makes a great gift too!


  • INNOVATIVE NO-DRIP HONEY DISPENSER Stops Messes Instantly. Lid includes handy trigger release for clean, mess-free pouring. Hold dispenser over food item or drink, press the release, and a stream of honey instantly appears.
  • NON-GLASS ACRYLIC MATERIAL Sturdy and Shatter Proof if it falls
  • MUCH BETTER THAN PLASTIC HONEY BEARS that get clogged, drip every where, and develop messy cracks. Our rugged Acrylic design gives you worry free, no-shatter performance. Your kitchen stays clean while having honey always ready to pour at any moment.
  • HOLDS 1 CUP (8 Ounces) OF HONEY or just about any other liquid. Includes Acrylic Stand, Acrylic Container, and Lid. Cute honey comb design makes your kitchen or table look warm, fun, and fashionable.