GardenKing™ Soil PH Tester

GardenKing™ Soil PH Tester

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Meet GardenKing™ Soil PH Tester, it helps to measure moisture, PH and light levels in the soil. GardenKing measures moisture content of soil to let you if you are providing the right amount water. It helps you determine if plant is getting adequate light and control PH level in soil, acidic or alkaline is suitable for your plants. You will never plant your lovely flowers into high-acid or extreme alkalinity soil again! A must have for every gardener and makes a great gift!

How to Use

No batteries needed, Indoor or outdoor use. Simply insert the probes into the soil about 4 inches, and you'll get your reading Ideal tool for indoor/outdoor plants, help your plants grow healthy and strong.Please tester into the soil before the soil is moistened with water, 10 cm above the probe to be inserted, the most accurate measured


Step 1: Switch moisture/pH/light position
Step 2: Stick the probe into the soil about 2-4 inches 
Step 3: Adjust the position of the probe until the pointer on the dial swing slightly 
Step 4: After 10 minutes, Note moisture/pH/light level in the dial 
Step 5: Remove probe from soil and wipe clean after each use 



1. Do not touch the stone or hard rock soil, if the soil is too hard and dry, easy to damage the probes.
2. Design for testing soil ONLY.
3. After using, need to clean and wipe the probes.
4.measurement of moisture and pH must be viewed while the unit is in the soil.
5. The tester must be kept in the soil for 10 minutes or more.