LED Color-Changing Light Bulb

LED Color-Changing Light Bulb

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#1 Best Selling LED Color-Changing Light Bulb!

Meet the LED Color-Changing Light Bulb a must have in every room to add more flare. The LED Color-Changing Light Bulb is redesigned to ensure the performance is the best. Adjust between multiple RGB lighting options ensuring you have a light for every mood. A must have in every home. Makes a great gift too! 


  • COOL WHITE & LOW CONSUMPTION - The white light is 3 - 4 times brighter than other rgb lights. 
  • EASY TO USE - This Multi-Color Energy Saving RGB LED Light Bulb has white light, RGB light and night light 3 working mode.
  • ENHANCED PERFORMANCE & DURABILITY - No flash, no dark spots; Shockproof and vibration proof. 
  • WIRELESS & DIMMABLE - Adjustable 3-Level brightnesses of RGB lights; 4 speeds for the color change. 
  • WIDE APPLICATION - Perfect for disco, bar, DJ, stage, ballroom, club, KTV, home decoration, home lighting, home theater, party, wedding, festivals and many more!