NeoCord™ 10M Neon Camping Paracord

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#1 Solution for Safe Camping

The item is a reflective rope made of lumira. It provides double protection for mine workers, field workers, outdoor adventure. Because it can store light and shine. In the daytime, it absorb sunlight, and in a dark place, it will be able to shine naturally. A must have one for outdoor camping activity to provide convenience.


  • Material: Nylon
  • 6~8 hours glowing in the darkness but just needs 10~15 minutes of light or sunshine exposure at daytime
  • The paracord consisted of 9 strands with 550 lb minimum breaking strength. Versatile and practical with enough length, it is very easy to cut and truss up
  • Multi-functions: Can be used in outdoor adventures, housing construction, package, rescue, safety or braiding an exquisite luminous bracelet for yourself, your family and friends
  • It is very useful in campaign, travel and other survival situation where it can be formed into various shapes and lengths, which is of importance to emergency use to fix the tent or prevent accidental injuries when the light is unavailable at night in the wild
  • Color: Green