Personal Blood-Alcohol Breathalyzer™

Personal Blood-Alcohol Breathalyzer™

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Analyze Alcohol Breath With 99% Accuracy

There will always be some days in our lives when partying too hard and drinking way more than we can handle is inevitable, yes? But drinking and driving is NEVER and option, and when this happens, we don't always have the level-headedness to decide if we've already had too much to drink. That's why we've got friends and that's why this Alcohol Detector Tester is the best gift we could ever give them.

This Alcohol Detector Tester is compatible with IOS and Android devices and can analyze and detect alcohol in a person's breath with 99% accuracy, even when you've smoked or drank coffee, soda or other beverages as well. Green backlight means mild alcohol level, yellow for strong alcohol level, and red means, never ever dare drive!

Always put road safety first so get one for yourself and another for a trusted friend (or more for all of them)!

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