Pest Eliminator™ | #1 LED Bug Repellant

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#1 Protector Against Pests

The mosquito killer lamp utilizes blue light and electricity to form an hygienic mosquito killing system. Just plug the lamp in and mosquito will be attracted to the blue light and finally be killed on the metal gauze by electric shock.

 Features & Benefits:

• 2 in 1 blue LED lamp mosquito killer for daily use
• Physical principles: Smokeless, tasteless, super mute
• Catch all mosquitos, high efficient and environmental
• The light has no any poisonous chemical composition and has no harm to human
• The light is gentle and soft, very humanized, can be used as small nightlight
• Suitable for home, hotel, restaurant, commercial places, school and hospital
• It is not only a good decoration but also a perfect gift for kids, parents, friends, etc.