Privacy Roller™

Privacy Roller™

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#1 Solution Against Fraud and Identity Theft 

The Guard Roller is ideal for hiding addresses and personal data from paper mail disposal, this handy theft prevention stamp effectively masks typed and handwritten information. 

Quickly stamp over your personal information you want to conceal. The advanced roller cartidge lets you easily mask over long lines of text in a single stroke. 

Identify theft is the fastest growing crime in the world. The Guard Roller helps keep others from seeing your confidential information.

Quickly stamp over your personal information and feel confident that it is safe from prying eyes. Easy to use and great alternative to shredders. Get yours today!


  • Helps prevent identity theft by permanantly blocking out addresses, account numbers etc. so junk mail can be recycled instead of shredded
  • Encrypted pattern in combination with oil based ink penetrates non-glossy papers so personal information cannot be seen at the front or back
  • Retractable roller makes it easy to store - no mess!
  • Not for use on glossy or coated papers as oil based ink may rub off
  • Color