Super-Tie™ Reusable Twist Ties Multi-Pack

Super-Tie™ Reusable Twist Ties Multi-Pack

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These reusable, bendable ties will ensure that you never have to buy another twist tie again! Super-Tie's strong rubber design is built to hold its shape, making it easily mountable to virtually any object. They are one of the best all-around organizers for your home, office, and anywhere else you need to quickly tie or secure your belongings with a simple twist. 


  • Manage your desk, tool box, drawers, and other cluttered spaces with ease
  • Tie your headphones for travel, close a bag of snacks, or even use as a cable tie! 
  • Super-Tie's have a soft, flexible rubber exterior with a rigid wire interior for ultimate stability
  • UV resistant, water resistant, and durable
  • 6" tie length 
  • Comes in a variety of assorted colours 
  • Reusable design allows continual use
  • Minimum purchase of 5 Super-Ties per order