UltraSlim Portable Power Case

UltraSlim Portable Power Case

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World's Slimest iPhone Battery Case
Over 100,000 Sold Worldwide 

Find yourself running out of juice on your iPhone at the worst time possible? And if you're like us you hate carrying around those big, heavy iPhone power bank chargers we have the solution for you. 

Introducing the protective UltraSlim Portable Power Case! It doubles your current battery life so this never happens again. Not only does this case extend the life of your iPhone by 100%, it is engineered so thin that you barely notice there is a battery built into it. The best part is, it uses the same lightning power cable as your iPhone.


  • Ultra Thin Design - With the battery only 0.18 of an inch which equals out to be the thickness of about two quarters
  • Lightning Cable Sync - Without taking the case off you can charge your iPhone and case simultaneously with the same lightning cable. No need to carry multiple cables anymore.
  • Power Indicator & Switch - There are five led lights on the back of the case to indicate the power level of the case. Each light represents 20% of power.
  • Easy to Use - When your iPhone is running low and you require that extra boost of power, just press and hold the power button on the case for 2 seconds for the PowerCase Slim to kick in.
  • Double Your Power - The UltraSlim Portable Power Case extends your battery life by 100%, doubling the power of your iPhone!
  • Compatible with iPhone 6/6S/6Plus/7/7Plus
The UltraSlim Portable Power Case is a top seller for 2017 we've run out stock 4 times already! So stop running out of juice and buy one today before it's all gone.
Super Thin 100% More Battery No Branding Use With Docks